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Ships within 7 working days.

*Please note that each crystal/gemstone is unique, and there will be a slight variance in size/colour between beads.

Made to order, limited quantities.

Dust Silver Bracelet
Part of the Memento Mori Collection

A reminder that we all return to dust one day.

Fear less and live more.

Black Agate beads (7-8mm)
Terahertz* beads (7.5-8.5mm)
Silver plated Skull charm
Silver plated components
Gunmetal plated magnetic clasp
*Man-made stone

Size Reference
Magnetic Clasp - Please size up by adding 1-2cm to your wrist measurement to avoid the clasp pinching your skin.
E.g. My wrist measurement is 15.5cm; I add 2cm to get a bracelet length of 17.5cm for a loose fit. Adding 1.5cm will get a comfort fit instead.

Please allow up to 0.5cm variation in length as not all beads are the same.
Beads/metal components will be added/removed depending on the bracelet length.

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